Eco Simmons
Ultimate Cleaning Solution


What Is Eco – Simmons ?

Eco – Simmons superb cleaning performance is derived from the persimmon fruits "enzyme".

It is a naturally derived, environmentally friendly cleaning agent. 

How Eco – Simmons Works

ECO-Simmons is 100% natural ingredient.
Its cleans by breaking down dirt and grease thru its enzyme properties.

It lifts the dirt from the surface and make the surface clean again.

It also make your next cleaning much easier. 

How To Use Eco - Simmons

Mixed with recommended dilution ratio 10 times / 20 times

Apply/spray adequate amount of Eco-Simmons to any desired surface to be cleaned.

Leave it for a minute and just wipe it off with damp cloth.

No excessive water rinsing is required to clean.

The cleaning cloth can be clean easily for reuse. 


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