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We're Specialized In Outdoor Noise Control 

      Our Products :


Metal Noise Barrier Panel

Our Metal Noise Barrier Panel is Designed Together With Our Technical Partner From Japan Which Have More Than 20 Years Experiences In Japan


Transparent Panel

Our Transparent Panel Using Evonik Acrylic Sheet framed with Aluminium Profile.

It's come with 30 years warranty


Work Site Noise Barrier Panel

Most Effective  & Economical Way To Mitigate Construction Noise 


Aluminium Noise Absorptive Panel

Known for its lightweight, excellent corrosive resistance and durability.

Can be used in traffic areas and also in factories and workshops where machines generate serious noise pollution.  

Louvers Panel Design is developed to maximize the sound absorptive capacity of the panel.


Transparent Noise Barrier Panel

Engineered using PLEXIGLAS Soundstop acrylic sheet framed with aluminium extruded profile.

PLEXIGLAS Soundstop is grade of acrylic specially developed for use as noise barrier.

With over 30 years of worldwide experience, PLEXIGLAS Soundstop is available in different variants to meet a wide range of requirement.


Work Site Noise Barrier Panel

Designed for construction site which helps effectively reduce construction and machinery noise.

It's to create a quieter construction site reducing noise pollution to the public.

Work site noise barrier are typically installed along the perimeter or adjacent to the noisy machinery.

Product Features

> Light Weight For Easy Installation
> Excellent Sound Absorption
> Excellent Sound Reduction
> Excellent Corrosion Resistance
> Excellent Durability  

Product Features

> Large-Sized & Various Thickness
> Highly Transparent Sheet
> Light Transmission Over 90%
> Excellent Sound Reduction
> Various Colored Sheet Is Available

Product Features

> Light Weight For Easy Installation
> Cost Efficient 
> Portable 
> High Absorption & Reduction
> High Durability

Current Projects


Setiawangsa Pantai Expressway (SPE)



Singapore Viaduct Noise Barrier Phase 2



 Our Strength & Services :

Noise Barrier Production

We have the ready facilities and equipment to manufacture noise barrier panel(s) to your requirement. Our factory is certified ISO 9001 standard.

In-house Testing Facility

We have our in-house testing lab. It is part of the QC to ensure the product performance. The lab is able to test ISO and ASTM standard.


Sound Modelling 

We can provide sound modelling services thru the noise consultant to determine the predictive noise reduction of noise barrier.

Supply & Installation

Our noise barrier installation team with  vast experiences had completed over 100 of projects nation wide and oversea.


Noise, unwanted or excessive sound that can have deleterious effects on human health and environmental quality.

Noise is commonly generated from highway, railway, and airplane traffic and from outdoor construction activities.

It also comes inside many industrial facilities and some other workplaces

Installation of noise barriers is the most effective method to reduce the transmission of noise from source to receiver.

\When placed between source and receiver, the barrier diffracts the sound transmitted to the receiver.


Mighty Renew Sdn Bhd have more than 20 years experiences in outdoor noise control solution since 1997 and completed more than 50 projects in both local and overseas.

Our professional team comprises of experienced project management team, certified professional engineers, acoustic consultant, architect, reliable manufacturer, supplier and contractor.

We have the capability to provide complete sound control solutions for outdoor applications. We offer solution from On-Site Noise Control Analysis and Assessment to Noise Control Product Design & Engineering, as well as Complete Turn-Key Solutions. 

Our objective is ensure all project is deliver and complete on schedule not only quality of workmanship but also with a clear guarantee of peace of mind to its clients and growth to its stakeholders.

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